The power of a kind word

It was before 8:30am yesterday and I had already received three compliments.

1.) “Yummmm, girl. You smell good.” -Girl on the bus sitting next to me
2.) “I really love the blouse.” -Woman on the bus walking past me
3.) “That’s a really great shirt.” -Co-worker

Now, normally I don’t converse with people in the morning. I’m usually in my own little world, trying to wake up-to the sounds of blaring music out of other’s earphones and beeping car horns. But these three comments really made me think of the power of a kind word.

These people who decided to share a kind word with me don’t know me. I will most likely never see them again (well, maybe I will, I do take the city metro…), and they have no idea of the struggles/issues/thoughts/ideas roaming around in that head of mine. I could have reacted in a thousand different ways to them, and yet, they decided to say something to me that quite honestly made my day.

I was convicted that I hardly say enough kind words to people I know, let alone people I don’t know. These strangers and my co-worker made me realize that kindness goes a long way. It has an effect on people. Simple words such as “you smell good” or “you have a great shirt on” can really make a crummy day look up. It can also make a great day even greater.

I’m starting to learn to never underestimate the power of a kind word. I never know who the Lord has placed in your life to love on through kindness.


A Summer Awesome: Weddings

Weddings are awesome for multiple reasons. Here are just a few reasons that start with the letter ‘f’.

1.) Friends and family: I love getting together with friends and family to hang out and celebrate the awesome couple that we are celebrating. It gives me a reason to travel, to buy a pretty dress and new shoes to match. It is one afternoon that I know most of my friends (and/or family) will be together so instead to trying to figure out a time that works for all of us, we all just show up at the wedding and have fun there!

The crowd that made it to the very end at Kelsi & Hugo's wedding

2.) Food: I am a self-proclaimed foodie and I love trying new eats. I also love, love, love sharing a meal with people. My junior year AP US History teacher once told me that food helps ignite conversation (thus allowed us to bring in snacks to class. Thanks Mr. Britton!). Til this day, I still believe that to be true. I think food does something with your brain to help one communicate (you may confirm or deny this statement, as I’m not exactly sure if it’s 100% true). Weddings normally involve food, thus why I love weddings.

Fun idea: Use the periodic table of elements to help guests remember their drink. I was Na (sodium)

3.) Fancy Footwork: aka dancing! Dancing is probably one of my favorite parts about a wedding. It allows people to shake their groove thang to 90s pop (like N’Sync and Spice Girls) and learn new dances such as Cotton-eyed Joe or the Cupid Shuffle. It’s always awesome to see the bride and groom get down on the dance floor because everything looks more awesome in a fancy dress and nice suit.

Fancy footwork happening at Kelsi & Hugo's wedding

4.) Forever: Weddings are one of the two things that make me cry in an instant. I couldn’t hold back the tears as my friends made a commitment to themselves and God that they will honor, love, respect, lead each other to Christ everyday for the rest of their lives. It makes me feel blessed that I have people in my life who love Jesus with all they have and have entered into one of the most beautiful loves God has created.

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Nelson.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Klaers.

Alisa & Eric and Kelsi & Hugo,
thanks for letting me be apart of your wedding days. I am so blessed to have each one of you in my life.

So there you have it folks, an awesome of the summer: weddings. I’d suggest finding friends who are going to have weddings. They are too fun to pass up 🙂

Wisco has a crush on Minne <3

My co-worker, Marissa, sent me this article from the Onion. It claims that Wisconsin has a crush on Minnesota, but the feelings are not reciprocated. Growing up in Wisconsin and living in Minnesota for over 4 years now, I have to say I guess I understand where Minnesota is coming from. Not that Wisconsin isn’t great for it’s own reasons, but Minnesota is just…well, better.

Downtown Minneapolis


Downtown Madison

What are your thoughts? Do you side with Wisconsin or are you a true Minnesotan? What state do you have a crush on?

Biggest Regret

What is your biggest regret?


Living my life thinking that I have things that I could regret.

Now go tell every single person who has brought joy into your life that you love them. Make them blush. Love on them like there is no tomorrow. Start that workout routine you’ve been putting off for weeks. Pick up your bible and start with the Psalms. Trust the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. Go travel, a lot. See the world. Take care of yourself. Sing karaoke. Don’t be embarrassed of your faults, rather praise them for they are love marks from God. Fix relationships. Grow relationships. Start relationships. Fall in love, fall out of love, then do it all over again. Try not to take things personally. Go lay out on the beach and get a tan. Turn off your cell phone and focus on you for a day. Stop letting social media rule your life. Try something for the first time. Don’t live for tomorrow, live for today.

Above all, surround yourself with people who will help you make those things happen.