Thank you, Single Amigos.

Dear Single peeps,

Don’t think that you have gotten off so easy here. While I am super blessed by all my married friends, I am also super blessed by you, my fellow single-ton. I used to think that being single was a curse (but that was a lot of prideful sin getting in the way), but now I feel like being single is a blessing-just as being married is a blessing. It doesn’t matter what season in your life you are in, God will still use you to bring glory to the Kingdom, and friends, that’s exactly what is happening. God is using you to bless me in this season of my life. How you ask? Well, let me tell you.

-You are showing me how to live in the moment. This must seriously sound corny, but believe me, it’s not. I appreciate how often I call up one of you and we are hanging out just hours later. You are able to steward God’s time in such a way that makes you available. I appreciate and value availability, so thank you.
-Thank you for showing me how to give your hearts to God. You have given me something to strive for in that the only person I need in my life is Christ, and with Christ alone, I will be filled. You are great examples of this.
-Not questioning God’s intentions has been a difficult thing for me over the last couple years. I used to idolize the “why” questions. Thank you for showing me that doesn’t get me anywhere except farther away from God’s authority and a lesser view of who He is.
-You are some of the most open people I’ve ever met. Thank you for sharing your heart with me in regards to singleness (and oh so many other things). Hearing your heart encourages me beyond comprehension.
-Thank you for blessing me with your friendship in this season of our lives. We are growing together, learning about God together, walking toward Christ-like character together. We are in this together and for that I’m so thankful.

Thank you, single friends, for showing me the reality of singleness. The reality that Jesus is truly all we need in life and that we are His chosen people, His children forever, and that’s a MIGHTY blessing in itself. Thank you for being available, caring, joyful, and awesome. I can’t think of a different group of people who I want to be journeying with in this life.



Thank you, Married Friends.

Dear Married Friends,

I just have to let you know how much you all bless me. You might be thinking, “how can we, as a married couple, be blessing an awesome, single gal?”. Well let me explain. The truth of the matter is that I probably won’t be single the rest of my life, like the majority of the other single women out there, and when I’m no longer single, I will be married-I will fall in the same camp as you all do. You, friends, are teaching me what to look forward to, how to put my whole heart toward God for a healthy, Godly marriage, and what things I need to be working out with God now before the day comes that I say ‘I do’.

The Lord has been placing so many things on my heart as of late, one of them being asking me how I am using my singleness to prepare myself for married life. I thought this was a silly concept as first, but then I thought, oh no, this is an awesome concept. Seriously, the Lord wants me to work on me and Him now so when the time comes that I’m adding another individual into the equation, I’m still not an emotional wreck in front of the Lord. (disclaimer: I will still probably be an emotional wreck in front of the Lord, and in front of everyone else, but at least I’ll have better reason for it). Lesson learned: Don’t think God’s ideas are silly because most likely, they are not.

So married friends, here are the top 5 ways you have been blessing me as of late:

  • Thank you for putting God first and each other second. This has completely changed my view on how healthy relationships are formed. It’s not about the money you have in your bank account, it’s not about the material possessions you own, or the really fancy dinner you went out to last weekend, no, it’s about a Christ-center marriage. I’ve learned from you that pursuing God everyday is the best thing to do because husbands/wives will let you down, God won’t.
  • Thank you for showing me that marriage is not what it’s all cracked up to be in the movies. You’ve showed me how tough marriage can be, but how awesome it can also be. You have told me (and several other people, I’m sure, but I like to pretend it was just me) multiple times, in various ways, that you have lots of fun with your husbands/wives and they are great best friends, but they are terrible Gods.
  • You have shown me how much Grace you need in marriage. I mean, Jesus was the most Graceful dude ever, and echoing that Grace is a good first step. It’s made me reevaluate how I show Grace to others. Is my Grace in line with the Grace of Jesus? Mostly, the answer is no. This has given me something to strive toward.
  • You’ve taught me that marriage doesn’t solve all the problems in the world, or even in my wee life. No, instead marriage is an awesome gift from God that is tougher than tough, and more beautiful than beautiful. Becoming a husband or becoming a wife doesn’t solve problems, rather it will create more challenges along the way. If my heart isn’t right with God and I’m not constantly in stride with Jesus, how will I ever be in stride with my future husband? Thank you for teaching me that.
  • Thank you for showing me that in marriage, you don’t lose yourself, rather you create a better version of yourself. And maybe creating a better version of yourself means losing some of your old self, but that’s okay because that’s what God calls us to when we are called to marriage. This brings me lots of peace that I’ll still be able to love the silly things I love and do the awesome things I love to do, but now I get to do those things with an awesome counterpart. AND I get to learn about more fun things to do that the other half will bring into the picture. Really, it’s an awesome thing, sharing is.
All this being said, married friends, I adore you and thank you tremendously for blessing me with you marriages. You have given me lots to think about in this season of my life. I can’t think of better people to help me see the reality of marriage and show me that Jesus is the divine and true savior that needs to be central, otherwise everything else collapses.