About Me

Hi blogosphere! I’m Kari.

I am characterized by lots of different aspects of my life which are constantly changing, but the one identifier I will forever hold on to is that I am Christ-follower.

I recently moved to Philadelphia to work for Arcadia University’s College of Global Studies as a Program Apprentice. They’re training me to be a Education Abroad professional. While I miss Minneapolis everyday, I know that God has me here for the time being. I’m learning an incredible amount here. It’s been so worth it.

More about me: I’m an event planner by hobby; a world traveler; a weird hobby enthusiast; a frequent concert-goer; an optimist, empathizer, and developer; a blogger wannabe; a passionate lover of Christmas and cupcakes; but mostly a child of God.


Through this blog you will learn how much I strive to live my life worthy of the One who created it, yet fail daily.

You will learn that I believe God grants us grace and mercies every day so that my failing doesn’t define me.

You will learn that I love, love, love people, traveling, baking, my small group, my church, my friends, my family, and that I have been so, so blessed.


I am learning that life is hard sometimes and that it’s okay to cry and be sad. But I am also learning that I know God doesn’t intend to keep us in those seasons forever. I hope you will learn this alongside me.

You will learn about my quirkiness involving expired foods, cleaning before I head to bed, and crafting.


Mostly though, I hope that you will learn more about our God through this little social media outlet I like to call my blog.

Welcome. I am so excited to have you here.