Religion Sucks.

This video has gone semi-viral, but tonight was the first moment I had to watch it. After 3 beautiful, but tough days in Romans Retreat, studying the first 5 chapters of Romans, I can say that I haven’t agreed with this video than I do now. I can’t wait for two more days of learning about Jesus, continuing to get a fuller, more accurate picture of God, and realizing how horrific, yet breath-takingly beautiful the Gospel is.


Shake the dust.

“Don’t let one moment go by that doesn’t remind you that your heart, it beats 900 times every single day and there are enough gallons of blood to make every one of you oceans.” -Anis Mojgani

As I sit here thinking ‘wow Kari, you should really be sleeping right now’, I decided to share with you a spoken word piece that is really speaking to me. It’s called ‘Shake the Dust’ by Anis Mojgani.

I’m stressed out. I’m a worrier. It’s what I do, it’s what I know, but I also know that this is sin. When I stress out, when I worry, I’m telling the Lord that He is not big enough to provide what my heart desires, what my mouth prays, or what releases from my fingertips when I lift my hands in worship. This spoken word piece is reminding me shake the dust¬†off, allow God to work and live my life to the glory of God. ¬†Listen and allow it to speak to you too.