The power of a kind word

It was before 8:30am yesterday and I had already received three compliments.

1.) “Yummmm, girl. You smell good.” -Girl on the bus sitting next to me
2.) “I really love the blouse.” -Woman on the bus walking past me
3.) “That’s a really great shirt.” -Co-worker

Now, normally I don’t converse with people in the morning. I’m usually in my own little world, trying to wake up-to the sounds of blaring music out of other’s earphones and beeping car horns. But these three comments really made me think of the power of a kind word.

These people who decided to share a kind word with me don’t know me. I will most likely never see them again (well, maybe I will, I do take the city metro…), and they have no idea of the struggles/issues/thoughts/ideas roaming around in that head of mine. I could have reacted in a thousand different ways to them, and yet, they decided to say something to me that quite honestly made my day.

I was convicted that I hardly say enough kind words to people I know, let alone people I don’t know. These strangers and my co-worker made me realize that kindness goes a long way. It has an effect on people. Simple words such as “you smell good” or “you have a great shirt on” can really make a crummy day look up. It can also make a great day even greater.

I’m starting to learn to never underestimate the power of a kind word. I never know who the Lord has placed in your life to love on through kindness.


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