Wisco has a crush on Minne <3

My co-worker, Marissa, sent me this article from the Onion. It claims that Wisconsin has a crush on Minnesota, but the feelings are not reciprocated. Growing up in Wisconsin and living in Minnesota for over 4 years now, I have to say I guess I understand where Minnesota is coming from. Not that Wisconsin isn’t great for it’s own reasons, but Minnesota is just…well, better.

Downtown Minneapolis


Downtown Madison

What are your thoughts? Do you side with Wisconsin or are you a true Minnesotan? What state do you have a crush on?


One thought on “Wisco has a crush on Minne <3

  1. Wow…. okay. I have so many thoughts about this post! I am the reverse of you: I grew up in Minneapolis and have lived in Madison for the past three years. Confession– I HATED Madison my first year there. As a Minneapolis-lover through and through, Madison felt claustrophobic and stifling. But now…. I must admit, that Madison has wooed me and won me. Things I have come to love about Wisconsin (Madison in particular) that Minneapolis can’t offer.

    1. Much more greenery, less traffic and just altogether more peaceful.
    2. You can be in the “city” (which, I will admit… hardly deserves the title) but get out for a beautiful countryside drive in 15 minutes if you want. It takes at LEAST 45 minutes in any given direction to get out of Minneapolis.
    3. Great beer culture. I love beer and Madisonians are beer connoisseurs.
    4. Nicer people. All around. Just warmer. Maybe they are a tad bit humbler, but after awhile the crocheted “Home Is Where the Heart Is” piece hanging in the bathroom is endearing.
    5. Bon Iver is an avid Wisconsin lover. Just sayin.
    6. Better teams. Badgers> Gophers and Packers> Vikings.

    These are just to name a few. Lol sorry I really got into this 😛

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