i am learning an incredible amount here in philadelphia.


God is blowing my mind with His faithfulness and grace toward me. He is showing me the importance of prayer. Prayer changes things. God listens. I’ve known this in theory for years. I’ve been learning this in such a deep way this week. I’m excited to see what God has in store.

I am learning the ins and outs of education abroad. I am feeling confident in what I’m learning and I’m feeling excited to finally get out on the road to start putting to use all the information occupying my mind.


It’s okay to not be busy every day. I love being busy, but I need to make room for Jesus. My schedule is not as packed as it has been the last few months and I’m taking advantage of spending that time with the Lord. This is training for me because when I get back to Minneapolis in March, by the grace of God, this will continue.

There are people of faith all of the country, who love Jesus and who love God’s children. I have gotten to experience that through reconnecting with an old friend and her husband. I have gotten to experience that through the women’s bible study I’ve joined. It’s amazing the way God works in different parts of the country, heck, world.

Mostly though, I am experiencing and learning about God’s character, who He is, and who He will continue to be. It is really is incredible. God is incredible. Really incredible (thus why I am giving two thumbs up below).998758_10100330722681603_1520939251_n


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