week 1: #karimovestophilly


It’s officially been 8 day since I stepped foot on Philadelphia soil. These 8 days have been long. I miss Minneapolis, my friends and family, and my routine. But these days have also gone by so quickly. My head is filled with so much knowledge about higher education, education abroad, and Arcadia University in general. July has been the month of change and I’m trying to figure out my new normal. It’s been hard, but it will be worth it. I’m looking forward to learning more at work and getting on the road. I’m looking forward to exploring Philadelphia and I’m looking forward to establishing a new routine! I’m also looking forward to visitors (hint, hint). There’s a lot to look forward to!!


-Time spent with family and friends in Wisconsin and Minneapolis before I left.
-Safe travels from Minneapolis to Madison back to Minneapolis to Oshkosh to McFarland to Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. A lot of miles were put on the cars and 0 incidents to report.
-For my Mom and Kelly-the two ladies who lovingly drove to Philadelphia and back home for me. They put up with my anxiety. They put up with my crabbiness. They put up with me as I felt every emotion on the spectrum. They are amazing. I love them.
-For God’s presence and calming spirit, especially over the last couple of weeks. While there was a lot happening that needed my attention, I got through it by grace alone. So thankful.

Prayer Requests:
-That week 2 at work will be just a productive as week 1.
-That I will continue to meet people and connect with co-workers.
-That I would continue to connect with the women at the bible study I started attending last week (4 week study on 1 John) and that God would bless me with a church family.
-That will find time to be in the Word and prayer this week
-For my lovely friend, Stephanie, who is moving to Hong Kong at the end of the month-that she will have safe travels, uneventful times going through customs, fun meeting all the other teachers at her school, and adventures as she figures out her new normal.



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