day 35: roommates.

these women.

photo (7)

They are one of a kind.

photo (6)

I love their hearts and how deeply they long for a solid relationship with Christ.

photo (5)

They’re pretty sweet too. They have some stellar dance moves.

photo (4)

These women know how to celebrate, and they celebrate well.

photo (2)

They like to drink coffee like me. They like to find cool new places to hang out like me.

photo (12)

They are all really pretty.

photo 3 We like to laugh. We like to talk. We like to sit on the couch and watch movies together.

photo (11)

These women define encouragement. They know my love languages and know how to use them well.

photo (10)

They are each super unique in their own way. God has created them each distinctly and I love how each of their personalities light up a room.

photo (9)

Plus, they are just really fun to live with.

photo (8)I am so thankful for roommates who know me and love me so deeply. I am blessed by their  constant love for Christ and their never-ending encouragement toward each other. I like that I’ve gotten to spend a lotta time with them over the last few days. My prayer for this coming year is that our time together continues to grow in quantity and quality. God did a mighty fine job creating these women and bringing us all together on Johnson Street.


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