days 32, 33, and 34: my feet are joyfully numb.

my feet hurt, actually their numb from the shoes i chose to wear yesterday. it was tough getting out of bed. my eyes literally felt like they were bleeding this morning. And my legs feel like jello. I take all these things as a sign that my last three days have been some of the most joyful days I’ve ever had.

I got to witness two of the greatest friends get married.

I was blessed to walk alongside them up to this point. I was blessed to be apart of their day. I am blessed to continue to walk and fight and love them to the end of time.

It’s just a really cool thing to see God’s work in both Paul and Marta’s life. While I believe this day had been predestined before time, God was still in that room presently working. And it’s been amazing to see how our Holy, Sovereign God has been working in both of their lives to prepare each of them for marriage. Yea, it’s just really great.

So while my feet are still numb from yesterday’s shoe selection, they are oh so joyfully numb. I’m so grateful for yesterday’s wedding events and I’m so grateful for Paul and Marta and either everlasting, Christ-like love for one another.



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