Day 17-19: Heart and Hope

While I really would like to have written separate posts for each day (17, 18, and 19), this post will do. And it’s going to be as simple as this.

God, thank you for what are you are doing at Hope Community Church. Thank you that you are ever present there each and every day of the week. Thank you that you are a living God, One that moves in the hearts of people. Thank you for this community of believers who have come together to love and support each other. Thank you for the cheers and fist pumps during all the baptisms this morning and evening, as we know they signify You are worthy. God, thank you for caring about me individually, for caring about my well-being, for continually pursuing me. Thank you giving me access to redemption through your Son, Jesus Christ. Thank you for the continual reminder that I can’t mend brokenness, but You can. Thank you for calling me daughter and caring for me like such a great Father. Thank you for continually calling me to focus on the Cross, focus on things eternal. Thank you.


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