Day 14: Mentors

Have you ever had someone come into your life and just plain love on you? Have you ever felt so comfortable with someone that even crying so hard that snot is dripping out your nose doesn’t bother you? Have you ever prayed for someone to come alongside you and challenge you to take just one more step? Have you ever experienced such deep fellowship with someone who continually pours into your life?

Yea, I have. Those women that have come alongside me in the moments of praise and moments of despair are my mentors. They are beautiful. They are one of God’s great blessings that He’s provided to me and I’m grateful.

I’ve had many unofficial mentors in my life, and a couple women who have the title always and forever as my mentor. No matter official or unofficial, they are blessings nonetheless.

These women know me. They see me as I am and they aren’t scared away by my sin. These women know how to love. They know how to ask the right questions.

They know the Gospel.

My mentors aren’t magic; they’re real. They know that the words they say aren’t going to fix things, yet they pray earnestly that God would remove whatever thorn is in my side (unless of course God wants I keep it there). These women don’t cover up their hurt, pain or sin for the sake of coming off pure and sinless, rather they are continuous to show that the only reason they live is through the Grace and Love of Jesus. They are seeking joy, seeking spiritual wholeness, seeking fellowship with others.

They are seeking Jesus.

That’s the greatest gift God could give me right now: allowing women to not just tell me, rather show me that the desire Jesus. What a blessing it’s been to learn from these women. So thankful for them.


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