Day 5: I can. Canoe?

Yes, the title of this post is a joke that my friend made and it literally took my a dozen times looking at it to get the joke. Anywho, today was AMAZING. It started off by meeting up with one of the women I mentor. She is so encouraging. That was immediately followed by a meeting with a bunch of women at Hope. That was then directly followed by watching the Packers dominate barely pull out a win in today’s game, and a couple of games of bean bags on the Lakehouse lawn. But what came next was why I am so thankful for today.


This is a big deal, friends, because I have a fear of canoes. This past summer my friends Aaron and Tiffany took me out on the lake canoeing and I was so scared the whole time. I told myself and them that I will canoe at least one more time before the lake turned to ice and that time came today. I went in with confidence. I sat in the front and paddled my way around Lake Nokomis until my little heart (or at least Aaron and Bekah’s feet) couldn’t take it any longer. We headed to the landing and yes, friends, I am happy to report that I am no longer afraid of canoeing. Whooo hooo. (It’s the small things.)

So today I’m thankful for canoes, friends who are patient with me when I am trying to conquer a fear, beautiful weather, and Jesus (because I am super pumped I serve a God who likes nature enough to create it and allow me to revel in it today, also because Jesus is just awesome in general).


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