Day 4: Taylor Swift and a candle

I have not been able to get Taylor Swift’s new CD out of my head for the past 2 days. Some of you are probably thinking how horrific that must be. I, however, think its rather wonderful. She’s convicting me of a lot. We all know Tay-Tay’s music because most/all her songs are about men in her life that she dated, almost dated, or wanted to date. She talks about her hurt and pain. She talks about how beautiful and tragic they have all been. While I know I am talking about her music very simplistically, and that there are deeper meanings underneath it all (can someone please confirm this for me?), I think I am starting to learn something from her. Taylor is teaching me how to move on and allow myself to experience new relationships/friendships even after past relationships/friendships have failed. I’m thankful for Tay’s songs because they are showing me it’s okay to try and fail and try again and fail again. It’s encouraging to know I’m not the only one battling that.

Also, I’m thankful for this candle because it’s beautiful and makes my heart happy.



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