Day 2: 500 Starbucks

God’s funny and here’s why. This afternoon, I was chatting with my mom. She asked me, “so what are you thankful for today, Kari?” I answered as with “you know, I’m thankful that I have a car that actually runs. It may not look pretty, but it runs.” Yea, my car has been a huge blessing to me and others over the past 5 years. It’s starting to fall apart, but it’s still chugging along, for that I’m thankful. But just wait…

Not even 2 hours later, I seriously forgot how thankful I am for my car. I was on my way to play cards with a couple of friends and stopped at Starbucks to grab a Salted Caramel Mocha before I headed over to Cara’s. I parked my car, got out, shut my door, and immediately said bad words in my head. I had locked my keys in my car. Seriously, I started cursing my car for everything it was worth, but the funny thing is that it was MY fault that I locked the keys in MY car. My car had nothing to do with it. It’s totally amusing how God allowed me to think of all the awesome ways my car has been a blessing over the years, and literally hours later I am hating it to pieces. That’s my futile mind you’re seeing.

But here’s the thing that I am most thankful for today: my friends. While I was supposed to go over to Cara’s to play cards, I realized that I was going to be at least an hour late (having to wait for someone to come unlock my car). I called and texted saying that I was so sorry for what happened, and their response? They all grabbed their shoes and jackets and headed over to Starbucks to play cards with me while I waited for someone to come help me with my car. While this probably seems like the smallest act they did today, I am so thankful for their selfless act of coming to me. Locking my keys in my car was just the cherry on the top of the crap sundae I’ve been eating for the last couple of weeks, and my friends were awesome. And on top of it all, we got to enjoy the blessing that is the card game 500 and Starbucks.

So, friends, 500, and Starbucks. I am thankful for you. Small acts make huge love dents in my heart.


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