Day 1: Small Group

So 40 days of thankful begins. I am beginning with an easy one: my small group. It’s easy to be thankful for such a stellar group of people who I get to do life with. This small group just started about a little over a month ago and I can say that I laugh a lot more than I ever used to. They are made up of men and women in all walks of life, some single, some married; some working, some doing P90X for a living; some in very transitional stages in life, some very content with where God has them; but all, all of them are in love with Jesus. I am thankful to be surrounded by such a great group of people who allow me to be myself, help me strive to love/know Jesus more deeply, and have a really fun time together.

This past weekend was great as some of us got to spend Sunday afternoon and early evening together eating chili, watching football, and making up songs about random yard games. I laughed a lot. I even busted out the ‘Chubby’ impersonation (mind you, I only do this around people I really love and trust because it’s rather embarrassing). Sunday night was finished off with a good ol’ game of Salad Bowl (only the best game ever) before a few of us headed to evening service.

I’m thankful that even before we all knew we were going to join this small group, God had everything planned out. He chose the people who would come together at Bekah and Rachel’s house each Tuesday night to study Scripture and pray for each other. That’s an amazing thing, isn’t it?!

So here’s to the first day of 40 days of thankful. Small group friends, I am thankful for you.


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