I’m happy with joy.

This video chokes me up. The little girl is bouncing around praising and thanking God for healing her mouth. I’m sure that the pain she felt with whatever was wrong with her mouth is small in comparison to the suffering that she’ll experience in her lifetime. I have lessons to learn from this little girl.

I’ve experienced pain and suffering, physical, emotional, and spiritual, and I probably still haven’t gone through half of what some of you have felt. And there are a lot of times that I am so caught up in whatever I’m feeling that I forget about the healing the Lord has done in my life many a times before and I forget that redemption never runs dry. When I feel healed, refreshed, redeemed, I don’t bounce around a room screaming “THANK YOU GOD, THANK YOU GOD, THANK YOU GOD.” It’s just not what my brain is wired to do. Instead, I feel a sense of relief and I think, “finally, God. What took you so long?” And right there, that’s my sin-making me feel entitled to healing.

I feel entitled to healing. I feel like God should mend broken hearts, relationships in my life, or physical ailments in a timely manner (read: when I want them to be healed.) However, that’s just not how it works.

God never promised to heal in ways that I think I should be healed. Rather, God promised that I would suffer, that I would feel hurt and pain (John 16:33, James 1:2-4, 1 Peter 4: 12, and so many more), but He also said He’s already taken care of it and there is so much glory to come (1 Peter 5:10, Romans 8:18, John 16:33). I forget that so, so often. God has already overcome the world. God chooses to redeem us, to redeem me from the pain and suffering and hurt that I’ve experienced. These experiences shouldn’t define me. These experiences should be stepping-stones to sanctification, and yet I so often forget that God heals not on the account of me or my actions, rather because He wants to. And that’s the good news-I don’t have to do anything to earn the favor of Jesus. To put it more bluntly, I CAN’T do anything to earn the favor of Jesus. All I need to do is trust that Jesus is who He says He is and I am who He says I am.

God heals. God heals broken hearts, broken bones, broken relationships, broken everything. And my response should be “THANK YOU GOD, THANK YOU GOD, THANK YOU GOD.” No healing is too big for God to handle. No pain is too small for God to not care about. We are deeply, deeply loved by a God who knows exactly what we need (even if it’s not what we think we need) and when we need it.

So moving forward, I pray my new perspective is “God, while I may not be feeling like you are going to have my back through this one, it doesn’t matter how I feel, Your Truth always stays the same. So thank you, God, and I’m going to be happy, oh so happy with joy through it all.”


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