Adventures with Miss Karsjens’ Kindergartners

Today, I made my way to Brooklyn Center to help my dear friend, Laura, get her classroom disassembled before she leaves for Uganda in less than 2 weeks. I was excited for this adventure because of all the funny stories that she has told me about her kindergarten class.

For those of you wondering-Yes, her kids are as cute/funny/a little crazy as she says they are. And yes, Laura is probably the most fabulous teacher ever.

I had some fun conversations and interactions with some students myself while I was there helping.

#1: Little Girl: Wow, your necklace looks like candy.

#2: Little Boy: (while I was labeling water bottles) Are we going on a field trip?
Me: Yes, I believe you are going on one next week.
Little Boy: *fist pump*

#3: Little Boy: (hands me a picture of himself that he was suppose to take home to his family) Here you go, you can keep it forever and ever.

And my most favorite interaction of the day….a little girl comes up to me, hands me a drawing, and says “here, this is for you.”

Isn’t it beautiful?

Seriously, little girl, you made my heart melt in less than .2 seconds.

Thanks for letting me come in to meet your kiddos and help disassemble your classroom, Laura. It was so much fun that I think I’ll be back on Wednesday!


One thought on “Adventures with Miss Karsjens’ Kindergartners

  1. Aw, I’m glad you liked my kids. And I’m SO glad that you came today. It was awesome to get to see you, and it was SO amazing to have your help. Seriously when I left today I thought, “Wow. Thanks to Kari I don’t even have to feel stressed. It is going to be okay.”

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