LDI Recap: Servant Leadership

My brain and emotions are just about puttered out for this week. It’s been an emotional one. We graduated from LDI on Monday night; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are our last three classes, and I will begin to pack up my belongings and remove all of my stuff from the LDI office next week. I’m reminiscent about these last 10 months of LDI, so hang with me as I continue to take you through a recap of the last 10 months over the course of the next couple of weeks.

Here’s another recap:

I love, and I mean deeply love the five other woman (plus staff women) I got to stand alongside this year in LDI. They taught me so many things, but one thing in particular was how each of them came into their own as servant leaders. These women put in hours and hours of humble service at Hope in different ministries, and in their personal lives as well. They truly understand what it means to put Christ and others first and themselves last. I struggle with that a lot, yet God gracious allowed me to see them serve Him in so many ways. They encourage and humble me. So God, thank you for intricately placing each of these women into my life this year to show me what servant leadership looks like.


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