Emotional Gauntlet leads to Learning Moments.

This past week has been an emotional gauntlet (thank you small group friends for helping me think of a term for the last 6 days of my life), but there is one thing that continues to hold true…God is still in control. I’m in the process of job searching, on top of finishing LDI and all the ministries that come along with it, on top of walking alongside some friends through some tough stuff. It’s overall just been a really hard week, but I’m thankful that God is teaching me Truth after Truth about Himself.

Here’s what I learned this week:
*God is teaching me how to move toward people I don’t want to move toward and love on. This has impacted me so deeply this week and has shown me how there are a lot of times that God probably doesn’t want to move toward me in my sinful flesh, yet He does.
*Grace, grace, what sweet words to my soul. I’ve experienced such deep, abounding grace this week. I have had opportunities to extend grace this week. Grace is a beautiful, beautiful thing.
*Gospel friendships bring joy and blessings into my life. It’s ridiculous what a quick email, or a three-hour conversation can do to a girl’s heart. It’s awesome.
*Girls’ nights in need to happen more often.
*I like being people’s biggest fan and feel really blessed and encouraged when they allow me to cheer them on in their adventures of life.
*Conviction: I don’t pray hardly enough. I’m thankful God showed me this as it has given me a swift kick in the butt.

So yes, this week was hard, but God is so outrageously good that at the end of the day, I’m worshipping the Lord and Savior of my life for being intentional and in complete control.


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