I’ve got Strengths, too.

My sophomore year of college, I took what’s called the StrengthsFinder assessment.just read it backwards, then you'll understand what it says.

This assessment is to help people understand and uncover their talents. After taking the test, you get back your top five ‘strengths’. These are the areas that we are supposed to focus on to improve, rather than beat yourself up as you try to improve upon your weaknesses. I took the test in the context of a group I was apart of (shout out to CLA Ambadassadors) and thought at that time that my strengths were rather accurate. There were: Positivity, Belief, Restorative, Futuristic, and Woo (winning others over). 

I could definitely see my futuristic strength come out my sophomore of college. I was OBSESSED with the future. I wanted to know what my plans were for the next 100 years of life and still then I wouldn’t be satisfied. It was almost humorous that by 9am on a particular day, I could already have the rest of my day planned, and the following two days, and heck, if I didn’t have plans for the weekend by Wednesday, I thought I was at an utter loss. Having a futuristic mindset really helped me when I was event planning, as I could almost always foresee what issues might arise and plan ahead for those things. Along with my positivity, belief, restorative, and woo, futuristic seemed to fit right in.

Then something hit me a couple of weeks ago. I started having “strength-envy”. I would look at my strengths and think, ‘wow, Kari, those are some really kindergarten strengths’ and ‘Kari, do you really see these strengths in you anymore?’ My friends had some awesome strengths like responsibility, connectedness, achiever, learner, and so on. I looked at those strengths and wanted them so, so badly. I really got caught up with the false ideas that my friends strengths were better than mine. I didn’t want to be seen at the ‘happy girl with event planning skills’ anymore, nor did I really think I was the ‘happy girl with event planning skills’ anymore.  So in the midst of wanting new strengths, I actually retook the StrengthsFinder test. Lo and behold, I do have new strengths.

My new strengths are: Positivity, Woo, Empathy, Developer, and Belief. At first sight, I definitely thought that these strengths fit me more accurately than my previous top 5. I still see positivity come out…all the time. It’s really hard for me to not look optimistically about something. Belief is as high as every, and I’m mostly finding this out because of my job search. Belief says that I can’t work something with a mission I can’t get behind-I’m totally finding out this is the case while I’ve been interviewing for some jobs. I can definitely see empathy and developer working themselves out this year in LDI. I remember at the beginning of the year, there was a couple of weeks where I just had a heavy heart. A lot was happening in the lives of friends and family and I just felt for them. I was weighed down with emotion for them. It was hard for me to handle, and yet I believe that was when I began feeling truly empathetic for people around me. Developer comes out especially when I am leading small group or mentoring women. I see all their potential and I want them to achieve great things. And WOO, let’s get real, I just really like to meet new people. I can definitely still see restorative come out, especially when planning events, but overall, I think my new set of Strengths are more accurate than the last.

While this is not the entirety of how I think my Strengths play out in my every day life, they are things that have been on my mind lately. Overall, going through these emotions with my strengths have been good for one thing. I’ve been convicted lately that God has made everyone perfectly and just the way that we are meant to be. I’m thankful for that.

Over and out.


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