What’s been making me laugh.

Yesterday, I was sitting in the office with a couple other interns working on a reflection that was due later that evening. In the midst of the quiet, I started laughing. I mean, I really started laughing, and then I started snorting. I do that when I laugh really, really hard. I was thinking of what I did the night before and remembered that I watched the funniest video I had ever seen in my life that day…Kristen Bell’s Sloth Meltdown. So of course I had to share it with my intern friends. And we all laughed together.

So this evening, I was looking at Pinterest and of course, I stumbled purposefully went into the ‘humor’ section and laughed a lot again tonight. Here are just a few of the funny finds of this evening.

Yep, definitely more awesome.


And now some words from Ryan…

Thanks, Ryan. I really appreciate how considerate you are.

Thanks for noticing how hard I work all day, Ryan.

I love to craft, Ryan. Just know all that glitter is from the card I made you today.

For my friends Laura & Tiffany. Ryan knows how much you love to make soap.

Ok, Ryan. I suppose.


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