Christmas Highlights

Hello friends, I just had a couple of days full of laughter, catching up with friends and family, and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. It was such a whirlwind weekend, but I would like to reflect on the highlights of this Christmas season.

1.) We celebrated Christmas with my Dad’s side on Christmas Eve. There’s nothing like the 4 cousins and Uncle Randy being put out into the living room to eat dinner while the adults got to side at the big people table. Really, some things never do change.

2.) Grandma & Grandpa Kopf got a new television for Christmas from the entire family. It took 4 hours, 5 men, and watching a DVD twice through before the ‘plug-in and go’ TV was ready to be watched.

3.) Teaching Grandpa Kopf how to play SPOONS has probably been one of my favorite moments in my life thus far. My favorite quote from Grandpa after he picked up a spoon and didn’t have four-of-a-kind, “Well I picked it up because I had 4 cards.” If that’s not funny to you, I guess you had to be there.

4.) My sister tagging me on Facebook in hopes that Santa would find us in our hotel room to deliver our gifts for Christmas Day. Santa didn’t check his notifications, I guess.

5.) A ‘Christmas-Around-the-World’ spectacular was had at the Littel family household. Foods from Mexico (taco dip), the Middle East (hummus), Sweden (swedish meatballs), German potato salad (from Germany) and the country of Virginia (ham) were all present, plus so many more edible treasures.

6.) My aunt brought a new game to Christmas this year. It’s called Doggie Doo (read about it here) Basically, you ‘feed’ the dog silly putty, squeeze a handle, then wait for the poop/silly putty to come out of the other end. It makes a disgusting farting noise. And all of this was done at the dinner table. Awesome.

7.) My cousin purchased a 16 ft Santa Claus and set it up outside of my aunt’s house. Close to hundreds of pictures were taken of our family in front of the monument. At times, we had an audience.

8.) Littel Family bingo has become a tradition. This year it was awesome/fun/chaotic, sort of like the characteristics of the Littel family themselves. I won a picture of my cousin’s face. It’s going on my desk at work.

9.) Littel Family Christmas was scheduled to be over by 4:30pm and it was. We had plenty of time to get back to Oshkosh to watch the Packers dominate.

10.) Packers beat the Bears. The bears still suck. And it was a very merry Packer’s win indeed.

I hope that your Christmas highlights included pooping dog games, a giant 16 ft Santa Claus, and teaching your Grandpa how to play SPOONS. If not, I hope that you got to make some other great memories with your loved ones.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and yours!


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