Adventure Awesome: Zip-lining

I know you’ve been waiting for about a month for this moment, but wait no longer. Here is the story of my zip-lining adventure!! Get excited.

Once upon a time, about a month ago, a wee girl named Kari was in Puerto Vallerta, Mexico. She stayed at a beautiful resort, ate some amazing food, met some friendly Puerto Vallertans, and saw her beautiful aunt and [new, awesome] uncle get married.

the beautiful couple 🙂

The day after the wedding, Kari’s cousin Rob, [new, awesome] cousin Andrew, and her aunt’s friend, Kimberly wanted to go risk their lives. They decided the best possible option would be to go zip-lining in the mountains of Puerto Vallerta. While Kari was pretty nervous to go, she said a quick prayer and Jesus didn’t tell her to not go, so off they went.

getting our harnesses on.

Kari and co. arrived at Canopy River’s Zip-lining Expedition site. Low and behold, they were the only 4 going on the zip-lining expedition course, consisting of zip-lining, repelling down a mountain, free-falling down a mountain, doing some high ropes course activities, tubing down the river, and finally taking a mule back up the mountain.

Kari and co. had two awesome canopy guides and a photographer. While the expedition was beautiful in itself, they added so much to the adventure, making jokes when Kari got scared and asking her to be their girlfriend. It’s just to bad that she was heading back to Minneapolis the following day.

Following their 3 hour zip-lining canopy expedition, they went on a tequila tour and learned how tequila was made. It was actually pretty neat. Did you know that “tequila” made in only 4 different parts of Mexico can actually be considered tequila, the rest are ‘knock-offs’? Kari didn’t.

this is a blue agave plant.

this is another blue agave plant.

Overall, this was probably one of the best decisions Kari made while she was in Mexico. She had a great time and can’t wait to go back and do it again. And by the looks of the smiles below, it looks like they can’t wait either.

The end.


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