el amor de México

Exactly 3 weeks ago, I was so blessed to be able to head down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with some of my family to witness my aunt Becky and her soon-to-be now husband Dana. While the wedding was the highlight of the trip, I was able to spend some time in the sun, lounging around, and relaxing.

Here I am lounging by one of the pools at our resort.

I spent some quality time with my mom (especially on the airplane when she was focusing on breathing and I got to use my gift of encouragement to keep her calm), went zip-lining with my cousins-both new and old (more about that later) and bargaining for an amazing necklace. Such a lovely time spent without any access to the internets and my phone.

Here was our schedule of events from the moment I left Minneapolis until I arrived back to Minneapolis. It’s a whirlwind, so hold on tight. Ready, go.

Wednesday: So to Systematic Theology class, take car to Hilary’s house, Kim picks me up, drive to Milwaukee, arrive there around 11pm, mom picks me up at 11:15pm, drive to Chicago airport, arrive around 2:15am, get on a bus, get on a tram, try to rest for 1 hour before checking in for flight…

Thursday: check in for flight at 4am, get through security, find the nearest Starbucks ASAP,meet my new cousin, fly to Dallas, get to Puerto Vallarta around 12:30pm, get ushered into VIP services at the airport, get in van to resort, lay down on bed, get up and get ready for dinner, go to Pipi’s for dinner (ah-maz-ing), mariachi band plays love song to my aunt and new uncle, mariachi band plays happy birthday to my mom, entire family make a ruckus in restaurant, make waiters fall in like with us (done so, so well the entire trip), go back to resort, BED.

Mom getting serenaded by the mariachi band 🙂

Friday: Happy birthday, Mom!! Get up, poolside all-day with our friend and waiter Joaquin, say “yes, I’ll have one more” multiple times, lose cousin, find cousin sleeping under a beach umbrella, help cousin get ready for rehearsal dinner, rehearsal dinner at an amazing Italian restaurant, celebrate my awesome Mom’s 29th (again) birthday, walk around downtown Puerto Vallarta, hang out with my new uncle, two new cousins, and old (but no less fabulous) cousin, BED.

The whole family at the rehearsal dinner.

Saturday: Get up, ladies’ luncheon with all the women attending the wedding with my aunt, poolside all afternoon, get ready for wedding, wedding (cry, cry some more, oh, than cry some more), wedding dinner, go to the top of a mountain, watch the rain pour, almost die in the taxi coming back from the mountain, steal umbrella with my mom, BED.

Luncheon Table. Beautiful!

Delicious food!

Lovely women at the Ladies' luncheon

Isn't my aunt lovely? So happy for you two!!

Sunday: Get up, book zip-lining expedition, go shopping downtown with mom and aunt, go on zip-awesome-lining expedition, ask to be someone’s girlfriend (bahaha..yes!), hang out in the canopy’s for the afternoon, learn how tequila is made, dinner, pack, BED.

Our Zip-lining Expedition. This will be getting it's own blog post 🙂

Monday: Get up, breakfast, taxi, airport, America, Chicago, Milwaukee, BED.

Tuesday: Get up, drive to Minneapolis, go to Competing with Horses class. BED.

Yes, we did do that much in our 4 days in Mexico and wouldn’t have had it any other way. Thanks for the hospitality, Puerto Vallarta. I’ll definitely be back 🙂


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