This one is for you, Brittany Sprague.

One of the most wonderful LDI women of all times wrote a short little story of all the LDI women this year, and I’d love for you to read it here. I have to echo the sediments in this blog post. These women are that amazing. God did/is doing is awesome things through these women right here in Minneapolis. It is an absolute joy to live life with these beauties. We struggle together, cry together, laugh together (boy ‘o boy do we laugh together), and encourage each other. It’s a pretty amazing gig if you ask me.

You will find one rather lovely lady missing from that post. But let me tell you, she rounds out the tenacious 10 of us 🙂

LDI Women of 2011

I’m pleased to introduce you to Mrs. Brittany Sprague…


Mrs. Brittany Sprague has such a real view of life and a keen sense of fashion. Her clothes are always adorbs and her words are filled with wisdom. She lights up a room with her passion for Jesus and love for others. I see so many awesome strengths in her, but one that I’ve been blessed by is how she can connect to others. While we can all feel somewhat alone in this world at times, Britt always have the words to say, the scenario to explain, or hug to give, saying ‘i’m right there with you’. Brittany loves, loves, loves her hubby Ben and takes some beautiful photos (she even did their own engagement photos-how cool is this girl?!)  Whenever Brittany opens her mouth to speak in class, I just know something awesome and profound is going to come out. Her questions are thought-provoking and honest. I’m so thankful for the sunshine she brings to the women’s LDI office. I cross my fingers and toes every time I come into Hope, hoping that she’ll be here. Yep, she’s awesome-sauce and more. God knew what He was doing making this girl the way she is 🙂

Hey, pretty lady.

So there you have it, the awesome of Brittany Sprague. Now hop over to her blog and read about the rest of the lovely ladies.


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