Birthday Week.

One of my most favorite things in life are birthdays. I love celebrating other people-it’s an opportunity to praise God for bring them into my life and see how God has moved in their lives over the past however-many-years. With that being said, I have no shame in admitting that I also really love my birthday. Let me tell you my heart behind loving my birthday…

Top 5 Reasons I love celebrating my birthday
1.) My birthday reminds me of my parents, how they’ve raised me over the past 23 years, and how much they love me. While I don’t have the privilege to see my parents every weekend, it’s fun to reminisce on the ups (and downs) in our relationship and truly Thank God for bring us to where we are today. And it never fails: my mom is ALWAYS the first person to text me, then call me on my birthday. She’s awesome.

2.) One of my favorite ways to spend time with my friends is over food. I have some pretty fantastic friends who love to try new places to eat, or cook (yes, they are all amazing cooks). Birthdays are always an excuse to get us all together and enjoy a meal together, even though we all live insanely busy lives. I love excuses like that.

3.) My love language is words of affirmation. Cards are one of my most favorite things. I get cards on my birthday. Follow me?

4.) My birthday gives me the chance to remember and plan. As someone who doesn’t take a ton of time to reflect, I’m starting to understand the importance of it. My birthday gives me a good time to think about what has happened in my life over the past year, and look forward to the year ahead.

5.) The reason I love my birthday the most though is because it reminds me of God. My birthday reminds me how much God loves me. He loves me so much that He has given me life. He has provided a community for me to thrive in, a family to love on me, friends to push me toward Christ and to share beautiful moments with. He has given me days to grieve and days of celebration. He has given me hope, because without that my birthday would mean nothing.

Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday week at the end of September, friends. You made me feel so loved and special and gitty about life. God has really provided for me in great ways through you all. Here is some evidence of the awesomeness that ensued that week.

This is my desk at Hope. These are words of affirmation to me from the interns and staff. I love my job.

Here is my awesome dinner crew, followed by Psycho Suzi's with another group of friends!

Here is me, in my happiness, as the birthday princess!


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