Small town girl, once again.

A few weeks back, my friend Whitney and I decided to take a bit of a Minneapolis adventure. We saw a sign for a small Catholic festival called St. Helena’s Autumn Daze. I grew up Catholic and have semi-fond memories of my Catholic picnics and festivals, so we decided to check it out. But before that, we wanted to do a little garage-sailing (I’m actually not sure if that’s the correct spelling of sailing in this context, bear with me). We decided to go to the Minnehaha Academy Garage Arena Sale. It. Was. Huge. and Epic. There were some definite treasures.

BUT, even before we got to the arena sale, we were pleasantly surprised to find the St. Helena’s Autumn Daze PARADE. Fun fact: parades are one of my most favorite things to watch (not necessarily participate in-I had my fill from marching band in middle school and high school). Seriously, we got to see marching bands, Knights of Columbus (in their feather hats), girl scout and boy scout troops, and an awesome drumming troupe. I felt like I was a small town girl again. It was wonderful.

While we were at the St. Helena’s Autumn Festival, we heard that there was a Quilt Bingo. Let me tell you the epic-ness of this. Basically, it felt like we were in the twilight zone. We had a hard time figuring out if we were still in Minneapolis or not. People are serious about their quilt bingo. You had to have your own bingo dabber, official bingo sheets were used, they had bingo patrol men, and there was even a few moments that the number caller had to ask the room to quiet down. We did meet a wonderful woman who told us how this showdown was to be run. Without her guidance, we would have been lost and scared. I think I will participate in Quilt Bingo again next year, so if you would like to join me, please let me know. It’s appropriate to save seats about 2 hours prior to the start of the game, so plan accordingly.

One super awesome thing that I forgot to mentioned about that weekend is that it was the first weekend of FALL WEATHER. Fall is my favorite. But now that the temperatures have risen back to summertime digits, I am simply reminiscing about the day the first crunchy leaf fell.

Here are some photos from this day of awesome.

My beautiful co-pilot for the day, Whitney McIntosh
They inspired me to possibly join a community band this winter.
Shout out to all my friends from Southwest!

I bought this Bunny Candle for Shannon at the Minnehaha Academy Arena Sale. I think she loved it.

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