Thank you, Single Amigos.

Dear Single peeps,

Don’t think that you have gotten off so easy here. While I am super blessed by all my married friends, I am also super blessed by you, my fellow single-ton. I used to think that being single was a curse (but that was a lot of prideful sin getting in the way), but now I feel like being single is a blessing-just as being married is a blessing. It doesn’t matter what season in your life you are in, God will still use you to bring glory to the Kingdom, and friends, that’s exactly what is happening. God is using you to bless me in this season of my life. How you ask? Well, let me tell you.

-You are showing me how to live in the moment. This must seriously sound corny, but believe me, it’s not. I appreciate how often I call up one of you and we are hanging out just hours later. You are able to steward God’s time in such a way that makes you available. I appreciate and value availability, so thank you.
-Thank you for showing me how to give your hearts to God. You have given me something to strive for in that the only person I need in my life is Christ, and with Christ alone, I will be filled. You are great examples of this.
-Not questioning God’s intentions has been a difficult thing for me over the last couple years. I used to idolize the “why” questions. Thank you for showing me that doesn’t get me anywhere except farther away from God’s authority and a lesser view of who He is.
-You are some of the most open people I’ve ever met. Thank you for sharing your heart with me in regards to singleness (and oh so many other things). Hearing your heart encourages me beyond comprehension.
-Thank you for blessing me with your friendship in this season of our lives. We are growing together, learning about God together, walking toward Christ-like character together. We are in this together and for that I’m so thankful.

Thank you, single friends, for showing me the reality of singleness. The reality that Jesus is truly all we need in life and that we are His chosen people, His children forever, and that’s a MIGHTY blessing in itself. Thank you for being available, caring, joyful, and awesome. I can’t think of a different group of people who I want to be journeying with in this life.



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