On the first day, I questioned.

During the first day of the Leadership Development Institute, I looked around the Fireside Room at HopeCC and seriously questioned God. This is what I said to Him:

“So God, why am I here, in this room, with these other people? Why did you call 14 (!!) people to do Trek 1 of LDI this year? What do you honestly think that we can do here? We are just people who deeply love Jesus and want to see Him glorified. I seriously don’t belong here. I’m not good enough for this. I’m not Christian enough for this. I’m not ready for this, God. What could you possibly do with us, recent graduates, students, husbands, wives, fathers, dreamers, sinners?”

Then it hit me.

God can do a lot with us. With sinners. Because we realize that we are sick and that we need to be healed. God can do a lot with 14 Trek 1 Interns because that’s 14 hearts to continue to soften to the Gospel, 14 minds to blow and fill with knowledge of the Holy One, 14 mouths to pray for each other and our community, 28 hands to serve the body of Hope and our neighbors, 28 feet to walk toward Him. That’s 14 leaders to be built up to TRASH the kingdom of darkness.

God has been revealing to me just a glimpse of His glory-in the sunrise this morning, the worship at Hope, the community of people He has placed in my life, a place to live. God made these things happen. He called 14 Trek 1 interns to Hope this year. Hope wasn’t ready for this. Logistically, hiring on 14 interns is a nightmare, especially when the largest class of interns they’ve had so far was 8. Where were they going to put our offices? Were we going to feel like just another number in the midst of this growing church? How are they suppose to find enough work for 14 eager interns to do? Hope didn’t have these answers, but God did and will continue to provide answers. This first month has been tough, but so good for my soul. I’m so blessed and thankful to be apart of this class of interns. I eagerly wait to see what God does this year with Hope.

All I know is that there is a ton of intern-power to trash the kingdom of darkness. Word.


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