Living Generously

My name is Kari and I’m the recipient of generous living. Word.

My heart has been heavy the past couple of weeks. Just a lot going on in that wee little organ of mine, but God has shown me love beyond comprehension. I don’t understand it. I totally don’t deserve it. But God chooses to love me despite everything.

It all started after Mark Study. My mind was buzzing and my body exhausted. I had questions upon questions to ask/internalize/think about/rest upon and God in His divine Grace and Mercy, slowly walked me through (and is continuing to walk me through) each one of my thoughts. God is patient and I received His patience.

Fast forward one week and you find a week full of ministry event planning. I wanted to get so much done last week to get prepared for a couple of ministry events I am coordinating. I put so much pressure on myself to get everything done. I realize when I do this, I stress out, yet I still do it anyways. God, in his awesomeness, showed me that the stress isn’t worth it (like he does every time) and told me to chill out by giving me a couple of hours and the desire to just read a book I’ve been waiting to because I never had the time.. God owns all time. He freed a couple of hours up for me and I received it.

Moving on to Saturday. I volunteered at the Maple Grove Triathlon. While not super excited to be up at 5:30am to drive out to the ‘burbs, I was super excited to witness my beautiful friend, Alex, completely in her element as the volunteer director. I got there at 6:30am and was placed in the Tri-Star transition area with the pro-athletes. I got to witness men and women, in all different shapes and sizes and athletic talent, compete in this awesome event. I was deeply touched by some of the athletes’ families who came out to support them through this physically and emotionally strenuous event. I couldn’t help to think of all the people who have been my cheerleaders over the past 22 (almost 23!) years of my life. God gave me those people and I was blessed enough to receive them.

Sunday seemed to be the busiest Sunday I’ve had in a long time. This is how it went: stuff worship folders. worship. say bye to friend. get sad. drive to lake mccarron. witness lots (!!) of hopesters get baptized. meet new people while eating awesome food at the picnic. drive home. sell desk. continue packing. have dinner with aunt and uncle. go back to church to lead hospitality. welcome new and old faces to hope. worship with the hope fam. clean up.  go home. sleep. But you know what? For as busy as Sunday was, God filled my heart so, so much. None of those things I did on Sunday would be able to fill me, but because God generously gave me the time to spend building relationships, I received it with open arms.

Yesterday and today have been filled with people living generously. Last night, my beautiful friend, Kim gave up her washing machine and dryer to help me get my clothes washed and ready to be moved. Currently, I am in the process of moving from Minneapolis to St. Paul. I was semi-worried about how this was going to get done with my two hands and my trusty, but small Pontiac Sunfire. I have some of my awesome intern-friends to thank as they generously gave up their time and talents this morning/afternoon (yes, Ryan, packing a car is a talent) to help me move. God provided people and I received.

To all those who have generously provided an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, a wise word, two hands to help move, a car to pack up with my possessions, a smile, or a high-five, THANK YOU. Your  time, talents, treasures, and ticker (heart!!) has filled my heart so, so much. Thank you for living out the Gospel. So thankful for and blessed by you all.


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