10 Questions You’ve Probably Never Considered Asking Me, but Now You Know the Answers to

So here’s the deal. I added a new pages to my blog titled: Beyond the Words. Cute, huh?! On that page I posted 10 questions that you’ve probably never thought about asking me (or maybe you have). I wanted to put these questions front row-center for you to take a look at and get a little more insight on this quirky girl. So here they are: 10 questions that you’ve probably never considered asking me, but now you know the answers to…

1.) If you could have a room full of anything, what would it be and why?

If I could have a room full of pillows and blankets I would be one happy lady. Fun fact: I actually like being cold so I can snuggle under blankets. Also, I have so many pillows on my bed (10 to be exact), I sometimes make a barricade with them surrounding me before I go to sleep.

2.) What would you attempt if you know you cannot fail?

Hmmm, if I could attempt one thing that I knew I could not fail, it would be to renovate an entire house. Realistically, this will never happen because I would fail numerous times in the process and get so frustrated I’d probably give up, but that wasn’t the question. Yes, I would try to renovate an entire house into my dream home. Who knows, maybe I will be given the gift of handy[wo]man skills (and patience) sometime in the future and this will happen.

3.) Who is your favorite actor and actress currently?

Favorite actor: Damian McGinty (from The Glee Project). Seriously, look him up. It helps he’s from Northern Ireland as well.
Favorite actress: Jennifer Aniston or Hilary Swank. I still cannot get over P.S. I Love You. There’s the girly in my coming out. 

4.) What is your favorite color?

When I was 5 years old until about Sophomore year of college, it was blue. Now, it’s pink. Not pepto-pink, but a pretty shade of awesome pink like this.
(okay, it’s not exactly like that, but i couldn’t find an exact pink match. actually, i like lots of different shades of pink, except pepto-pink. please don’t mistake me for a girl who likes pepto-pink.)

5.) What drives you everyday?

Well the chirping birds and my annoying alarm clock drive me out of bed every morning, but the love of God and the truth that He sent His one and only Son to die on the Cross so that I may live drives me through everyday. He’s abundantly blessed me with everything I do not deserve, but as I live on this earth, I will proudly steward it and proclaim myself as the renter, renting from the greatest Landlord of all time.

6.) What word describes you best? Please explain.

One word? You do know I majored in Communication Studies, right? Wait. Why am I arguing with myself-I picked the questions…anyways, the word that describes me the best would be redeemed. I don’t think I truly understand the weight of what that word really means for my life, but I do know that the Lord has redeemed me and my soul from my sin. He has redeemed me from darkness and has brought me to light. I am sick and He continues to make me well. I am redeemed from a icky life, only to be given a new start living in the living Christ.

7.) What’s your favorite famous persons sandwich?

If I had the opportunity to be stuck in between two famous people, I would have to choose C.S. Lewis (Clive Staples Lewis, from Belfast, Northern Ireland-already a connection there) and someone musical, like Justin Bieber or Hanson (all three brothers count as one-my question, my rules.)

8.) What do you do in life?

I work at an awesome church called Hope Community Church (check it here: hopecc.com) as a Trek 1 Leadership Development Institute (LDI for short) Intern. I will be working at Hope for the next 10 months focusing on three different pillars: 1.) Biblical Thinking, 2.) Christ-like Character, and 3.) Ministry Skills. I will be taking 3 classes a semester, working on how to be more awesome and like Jesus, and on staff working on different ministries within the church. I have one month down, nine to go. It’s been great so far. Want to be updated on my journey? Let’s chat. :)

9.) What do you like in life?

Things I like in live (just to name a few): Jesus, friends, laughing, pillows and blankets, new boots, fall weather, crunchy leaves, organizing, administrative work, event planning, reading (sometimes), blogging (when I have the energy), traveling, Northern Ireland (i actually love it there), reunions with friends, bonfires and s’mores, girls nights, lazy mornings, shopping sprees, conversations that teach me something, baking (mostly cupcakes, but I’m trying to extend my baking vocab), photobooth, LDI, love, a pretty dress or two, good hair days, God’s convictions, an ‘ah-ha’ moment, starbucks coffee, actually just coffee in general, free food (especially in the form of toppers pizza and applebees), dreaming, my Moms and Pops, watching baseball, grilling out, building community, music (again, not just like, but love), chick flicks, Super Market Sweep (seriously, not joking), sleeping, reading blogs about awesome stuff, and walks on falls days.

10.) If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

This is probs obvi for lots of my friends, but if I could live anywhere in the world it would be in Northern Ireland. Some say I’m obsessed and I say they’re right. Norn Ireland holds such a dear place in my heart. I’ve met many of my beautiful friends there, Christ grabbed ahold of me there, and the weather is perfect-yes, I do adore the rain. The accents are amazing, the scenery is just wondrous, and my heart flutters every time I think about it.

So, I think that’s about it, my friends. If you have any more questions, let me know. I’m sure I can come up with some sort of answer for you. Until then, I’ll be baking my cupcakes and loving Jesus. Toodles.


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