“Can I have yo numba?? Can I have it?”

The title of this post is in honor of some of the LDI girls’ favorite youtube video/madTV skit that can be found here.

We are currently running full steam ahead in the 3rd week of LDI. It’s been awesome to say the least. I am loving getting to know the other 13 interns and start figuring out how all of our very distinct personalities will fit together this year.

We are in class for 54 hours this week reading through the first 8 chapters of the Gospel of Mark. Kinda like camping, this study retreat is INTENSE (in tents…get it? ahahahha). Just today, we spent 13.5 hours chatting about Jesus. So thankful for that. I’m also thankful for the knowledge that everyone brings to the table. I’m encouraged by the desire my fellow interns have to learn and understand and totally blessed by our rockstar of a teach-Shannon. She’s good. She’s real good and she has such patience with us. So yea, tomorrow’s Wednesday, so we get to spend another 13.5 hours in the book of Mark. I’m sure more laughter, confusion, spacing out, and a deeper understanding will come out of it.

But here is a recap in pictures the awesome of the last week or so:

Kim and I went to the new Toppers Pizza in Stadium Village at 8:00am for a 10:30am opening. It was definitely worth the wait as we were #48 and #49 out of 50 to get free food for a year!!
Brandon, Brittany and I met up with Elke at the Irish Fest on Harriet Island. Good food, good drinks, good music, good dancing, but even better friends. What more could I ask for?!
Miss Bekah (fellow intern) and I were just goofing off one day in the office because no one was around to play games with us! Our motto for this year is going to be: “LDIers-Always Hard at Work”.
Awk bless. Here’s a good one of us 🙂

 Awesome things to look forward to the rest of the week/weekend: learning more about Jesus in the Mark Retreat, hanging with the LDI girls, Laura, Rachel, and Naty on Saturday for something called “Backyard Olympics”, worshipping with the Hope Fam on Sunday, Ann coming home [!!!!], and talking about study abroad!!

Here’s to a week full of awesome. Ciao!


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