The Most Complicated Sandwich. Ever.

One of my summer goals was to bake as much as possible. I decided to throw in a couple recipes that looked delicious, but were not baked goods. Here is one of my accounts.

Austin and I set out on a cooking adventure.

I found this recipe and knew that it needed to be made. Thankfully Austin was up for the challenge and we couple weeks ago we made them. Let me tell you, they were amazing. Ah-Maze-Ing. The breading on the chicken, topped with fired egg, prosciutto, and garlic-spinach aioli combined to be made into the most monster-est sandwich I have ever tasted.

Goal: Turn this into the best sandwich. ever.

We first ran to Lund’s to grab all of the ingredients. Our pantries pretty much had everything that we needed except chicken, proscuitto, and bread. Therefore that made this sandwich tasty and not that expensive. We breaded the chicken, baked the chicken, baked the proscuitto, fried the eggs, toasted the bread, and made the garlic-spinach aioli. the only issue we had was with the magic bullet to actually make the aioli.

Austin questioned why the magic bullet wasn't producing magic.

We tried and tried again to get the two pieces to fit together to no avail.

then we found the ring that kept the magic from happening.

 After that situation was sorted, we got the aioli made and put the sandwiches together to look like this:

our beautiful sandwich creation

1 recipe down. 245 to go.


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