baking fail

so i was blessed to be able to have dinner with some lovely friends of mine this evening. they made the best (seriously, the best) sausage roll that I couldn’t get enough of, and i said that i would bring dessert. now, i thought I’d try out one of the 154 recipes I want to master this summer, but something went seriously wrong. i brought cookie dough cheesecake bars (delicious-not the fail) and something that was suppose to resemble this:

well, it didn’t turn out like this. but in true minnesotan fashion, my friends were lovely and suggested that i try this with:

  • less peanut butter
  • nutella instead of peanut butter
  • more honey
I think I will give it another go as the summer goes on, but I am apple-peanut butter-tarted out. I think I might just go on vacation…Chicago & Northern Irish friends, here I come!

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