5 reasons I loved yesterday

Here are 5 reasons that I really, really loved yesterday.

1.) Small group (okay, this was on Wednesday, but it qualifies since it was close to yesterday). Somewhere between 15 and 17 people were there to start looking at and studying 1 Peter. Just after two weeks, this group of men and women have blessed me so much in community and fellowship. One thing that I love about this group is their honesty and openness. While we all have our baggage that we bring into the group, it makes me want to love them more. Praise the Lord!

2.) My last class was over and I am now a [n actual] graduate. While it seriously wasn’t as bad as I sometimes made it seem, it’s over and for that I’m thankful. I talked to my adviser yesterday and he even said that I can click the mouse to grant my degree. Sweet.

3.) I got a raise at work. ‘Nough said.

4.) Christopher Dean Hirsch is finally home after being gone for just about 10 months. We surprised him at the airport yesterday with his Mom, Dad, and sister. It was pure awesome. I hope he remembers everything from yesterday-he was pretty out of it.

5.) I got to talk to some pretty excited incoming freshmen who are SUPER excited about going abroad [and witness the really awkward communication between them and their parents-Sorry for every acting that way Mom & Dad]. PLUS I got to talk to two of my besties for Northern Ireland, Leanna and Ruth yesterday. We are currently planning my trip back to see The Osmond Brothers at the Odyssey. Epic.

Honorable Mention: this video.

Happy Friday, friends.



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