Laughing-until-our-stomachs-hurt Moment

tonight. i adored tonight. i didn’t realize how much i needed a night out with three beautiful women to laugh and share stories of our past, present, and future. we will be laughing about tonight for a really long time.

after a rough start to the evening (read: keeping my phone on silent, falling asleep, and 40 minute after I was supposed to be awake to meet Kelsi for dinner, I wake up to six missed text messages, a few phone calls and some worried friends-sorry about that again, Kelsi), Kelsi and I went to The Bulldog for dinner. You can never go wrong with truffle tater-tots and that delicious sauce that they just have to serve. We then headed downtown to the Hennepin Stages Theater to meet up with Hilary and Whitney. We got inside, seated ourselves and waited for a show called Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women. I don’t really want to give anything away because I want all women to go see this (men-note I said women). There was talking about how beautiful we are, insecurities we all have, and mention of all things girly, packaged nicely in a hilarious, laugh-inducing presentation. Nothing is sweeter than to share these moments with three dear friends.

Big thanks to the Hennepin Theater Trust for giving me these tickets. All I did was post a fun picture of my mom and I on the contest Facebook page, and voila, I won four tickets! Thank you to Hilary, Kelsi, and Whitney for always being willing to take me up offers to laugh-so-hard-we-cry-and-make-our-stomachs-hurt moments. They are ones I will never forget, especially since I know exactly what you are all getting for christmas-Kari’s opening up her own craft corner!

Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women

Sneak Peak-Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women-Craft Corner

Now friends, go see Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women and laugh alongside me.


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