cupcake camp :)

a few weeks ago, my friends hilary and laura got together to go on a cupcake adventure. i had asked laura to teach me her baking ways as i’ve never made anything not out of a box without the supervision of my mother. we made chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. definitely a good choice. they are a denser cupcake with cookie dough balls planted in the middle as an edible surprise when you bite into it. here are some pictures of our day at cupcake camp with laura.

Tonight, i decided to go on my own cupcake adventure. after learning many, many skills from cupcake camp, this was my time to shine. i decided on lemon blueberry cupcakes. they were a little easier than the cookie dough cupcakes above and less time-consuming, but delicious nonetheless. austin joined me in this baking adventure. our mishaps were minimal, my kitchen was messy, and our tummies were full of sugary goodness by the end of the evening. here are a couple of photos of the final product.

cherry limeade cupcakes are up tomorrow night.


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