Life happens…

Since when have there only been 2 weeks left of the semester? Since when is my senior paper due on Monday? Since when am I graduating in May? Since when will I not have a job after said graduation? Since when did I grow up? Since when will I have to start moving on? Since when did life happen?

All of a sudden.

I distinctly remember various occasions in my life that I look back on that seem so tiny and insignificant, yet I still remember. I can remember when I moved to Wisconsin and seemed to have lost all hope in my parents and social structure. I can remember when I started playing softball and felt like I had found my nitch. I can remember when I start high school, from the first day already wanting to get out and move on. I can remember graduating and the “tornado” that postponed our ceremony an extra day. I can remember moving into my residence hall at the University of Minnesota and leaving my parents for the first time in 18 years, yet not realizing I would probably never move back under their roof. I can remember gaining friends, losing friends, gaining more, and losing more. I can remember embarking on one of the scariest opportunities of my life by studying abroad and I can remember crying the entire 8 hour plane ride coming home. I can remember laying down my life for Christ, that I am forever thankful for being chased after so hard. I can remember starting jobs, loving jobs, hating jobs, and quitting jobs. I can remember wanting nothing more but to move out of Minneapolis and return to my beloved Northern Ireland. I can remember falling in love for the first time and being completely heart-broken. I can remember being emotionally drained after each semester, yet filled with more joy at the beginning of each new one. I can remember failing to love when I needed to the most and I can remember God’s grace given to me in times that I didn’t deserve such an act.

I can remember lots of things. I just can’t remember distinctly when life actually happened. All of these moments have made up life happenings. All of these moments have distinctly shaped my life, where it’s been and where it’s going. I expect to continue to go through rough times and I expect to experience more joy than humanly possible. This means that I will continue to have these moments where God gives me an opportunity to make a memory that will continue to tell my story. God makes life happen and for that I’m thankful.


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