Procrastination doesn’t slow down growing up.

I am procrastinating more than usual this semester. Let’s consider the reasons why:

  • Senioritis. This common disease to many students my age hit me, oh I don’t know, about 3 years ago and has continued to get worse as the years have gone by. My passion and desire to do well in school are starting to fizzle, yet my passion and desire to get a good job or travel are growing at a tremendous rate.
  • Classes. I am not excited about the papers I am writing this semester. I am currently procrastinating by writing this blog post. I should be writing about my mother’s employment history for my New Global Economy class, however this task seemed more important. Actually, everything else seems more important than writing that paper right now.
  • Sickness. I have not been feeling 100% since the semester started. My head aches constantly, I am emotional about my future, I haven’t been able to kick this cough for a few weeks now, and my foot is still swollen after 5 months of medication, blood work, ct scans, and mri’s.
  • God. I have felt nothing at moments, but the desire to drop everything and spend time with God and in the Word. This is why I am in two bible studies this semester, volunteer to lead a hospitality team at church some Sundays, and always find time to meet with my Barnabas, Laura. Without God, nothing is possible, not even getting through this semester.

Are any of your feeling the same things? What are your reasons for procrastinating this semester? I know I’m not alone in this, friends, so please do share. I won’t judge because Heaven knows I’m probably in the same boat, I just didn’t mention it.

My hope for you, my friends, is that we’ll stick together during this season of our lives. We’re growing up quick. I am confident in saying that I probably will not be in the same country as most of my friends next year around this time, so let’s use this time to encourage each other and love on each other. Let’s not let senioritis get the best of us.


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